Unearthly Records - Dirty Beats and Bass from South London

18th December 2007
Worm, Rotterdam. Friday December 21st 2007

15th December 2007
And the winner is ...

18th September 2007
Re Rave All - Saturday 29th September 2007

1st September 2007
Kiev Bass

14th August 2007
Kiev Bass - Ukraine - Saturday 25th August 2007
South London Bass meets Kiev. Click flier below to be taken to Kievbass website.
You can also download an exclusive 1 hour DJ Controlled Weirdness Kievbass podcast.
Shouts to the Kiev crew.

12th July 2007
Rave Idle 2007 - Who wins you decide ..
The schedule for the shows is as follows, check back 4 the exact timings.
Round 1 : 26 July : Jungle / D'n'B
Round 2 : 23 Aug : Techno (All styles)
Round 3 : 20 Sept : Ragga / Hip Hop - with original vocal content
Round 4 : 18 Oct : 2 / Dubstep
Round 5 : 15 Nov : The open 'Core' round.
Round 6 (Also the end of season 6) : 13 Dec : A 20 minute Pirate Radio style live performance from the studio by each Artist - You can vote live by the 'text message crew' method. Ie a point for each text recieved and shout out combination. Extra points will be awarded for Pirate radio style commentry and behaviour.
We'll Announce the victor at the end of the show!
Whet your appetite for the imminent battle by listening to the audio advert.
Click Flier below to hear the advert.

25th June 2007
Having it on the beach in Italy 2007

1st May 2007
Unsound In Southern Italy 7th-17th June 2007

10 Days with a Sound System on a beach in the South of Italy with the Unsound Crew.
Check out the line up. Gonna be proper. Click on fliers below for more info on Unsound site.

1st May 2007
Southbound Platform 1 10th May 2007

13th April 2007
Controlled Weirdness on Frequency Radio Saturday 14th April 2007 9pm - 11pm GMT
Click Flier for link to Frequency Radio site. Click next to headphones on site to hear stream.

...gettin summer as you all might have noticed...... more than time for another Invasion  !!!
This and for the first time with the Distillery residents Headnoaks, Magnetic ans Disco 69 !
For those you dont know, the Distillery is the very first adress for electro in germany
and respected for the best international line up and party far beyond the borders !
Else we are are very happy to welcome South Londons Bass specialist.. Dj Controlled Weirdness again,
expecting unreleased madness and classic wickedness for 2 hours !!!!!
Morphogenetic at last..teachin you some fundamental bass knowledge for the FBI crew °
be prepared my friends !!

8th April 2007
Ugly Funk Saturday May 5th 2007 erm... somewhere in EastLondon

Quality all nighter in a secret East London location.
Hmm I wonder where that is then....
Six Quid in and on till 8am

28th March 2007
Livewire Friday March 30th 2007 Electrowerkz, London

Still recovering from Bloc Weekend, ouch my head !!
3 rooms of madness this Friday 30th March down at Electrowerkz in Angel.
Join us in the Dead Silence room for more fun and frolics.

21st March 2007
Bloc Weekender Friday 23rd March - Sunday 25th March 2007

The Bloc is nearly upon us. Fully sold out with over 2500 people attending. What a weekend its gonna be.
Controlled Weirdness and NoYeahNo representing from 8am Sunday morning rinsing out the party tunes.
Bring it on.

26th January 2007
Ugly Funk vs Dead Silence Saturday 17th February 2007

Wicked line up for this party. Join us down at everybodys favourite Camberwell venue. Fivers in.

26th January 2007
Red Star Friday 2nd February 2007
Noyeahno, Controlled Weirdness, Coded Soul, Warlock lay down the dancefloor beats..... Fivers in, on till late...

25th January 2007

More Illness
More illness tonight with Controlled Weirdness on ILL FM tonight from 9 till midnight with Black Mass Plastics.
Click animation below for site and audio stream. Also check out the archive for mp3 downloads.

28th December 2006
Ill FM session tonight
Controlled Weirdness guesting on ILL FM tonight from 9 till midnight with Black Mass Plastics and Stormfield.
Click animation below for site and audio stream. Also check out the archive for mp3 downloads.

26th December 2006
New Years Eve Unsound 30 hour session
Join all the crew at the Unsound New Years session. 30 hours of celebration. Food from 9am New Years day.
See you down there. Click fliers for more info on the Unsound website.


8th December 2006
2 Radio shows this Saturday
Double dose of weirdness on the airwaves this Saturday 9th December. First up 8pm till 10pm on Frequency radio. Click flier below to be taken to stream. Then an hour session on Resonance FM as part of the NFA sessions through the night. Click Resonance logo below if you want to go to website and listen online or tune in on 104.4 FM if you are in the London area. For more info, archives etc. click NFA banner below.


For the first time with South London`s Dj Controlled Weirdness !!!
...he is a member of the Dead Silence Syndicate, runs Unearthly records and produces tracks on FDB or Audioilliusion in the meantime. 2 hours of DJ Controlled Bass Madness !!!!
Then Jone Alpha presenting us a whole bunch of new tracks live from Bognor!!!
..this guy is down with aliens, check yourself: http://www.myspace.com/diezimmer
Chia our Electrobunny after, this time with DJ Nomad. Both are born in Seattle and will be streaming finest energetic Electro and Techno 2 hours from London tonight !
Then 1 hour of Live Downbeat, TripHop and Chillout presented by Aphone from Bruxelle. Check out his myspace and chill !!! http://www.myspace.com/martinakaaphone
Hectic from Montreal at last with 2 hours of Motor City Music for your Delights !!!

SAT 9 DECEMBER - MIDNIGHT till morning -

NFA bods play tracks and chat waffle in the studio for an hour then we play recorded sets through the night including sets from DJ Controlled Weirdness and a liveset from Monster X plus hopefully some stuff from the Frogs party.

10th November 2006
- Saturday 18th November 2006
Controlled Weirdness and Black Mass Plastics at Reactor, Redstar CamberWell London SE5.
Bristol crew downstairs, Crossbones and Omnipotent upstairs. £5 tax. 10pm till late


9th November 2006
No Fixed Abode
- Friday 17th November 2006
Join Controlled Weirdness and NoYeahNo for some deep bass and disturbing breaks. Click fliers below for more info on venue, directions etc. Always a proper late one here.

1st November 2006
Back to Burn
- A Decade of Darkness 4th November 2006
Apologies for delay in updates to site. We had a big computer crash and lost loads of data including some new unfinished tunes. The old hard drives gonna be dressed up as a guy and burnt at the party below. Ten years of Crossbones eh. Happy Birthday Lee and John.

30th July 2006
Controlled Weirdness and Black Mass Plastics on radio tonight
Tonight Sunday 30th July join Controlled Weirdness and special guest Black Mass Plastics live on Global Funk Radio for the usual bass heavy frequencies inluding plenty of exclusive unreleased tunage. Click logo below to be taken there.

8pm - 10pm South London
9pm - 11pm Paris, Berlin
3pm - 5pm   Boston, New York

21st June 2006
No Fixed Abode 8th July 2006
Saturday July 8th, No Fixed Abode, 10 till at least 9am. 5 quid in.
Check No Fixed Abode website for further info. Click on fliers below to be taken there.

21st May 2006
Belfaster 26th May 2006
Friday May 26th, Belfaster, 10 till 5am. 2 quid in.
27b Belfast Road, Stoke Newington, London N16
Cursor Minor, Controlled Weirdness, Warlock, Scan One, Stormfield, Shelley Parker

Only 2 quid in for a night of dirty breaks and bass, you having a laugh or what.
Happy Birthday to the Scan One.

10th May 2006
2 Parties this weekend Friday 12th May and Saturday 13th May
Friday May 12th
All night Warehouse party in Bethnal Green area
Drunk & Disorderly raggabreakyelectropunky -
djs: controlled weirdness, phill subhead, fredlocks, fly, nadia, elka, frank one, dee scally, diesel dave

Saturday May 13th
No Fixed Abode at The White Post Centre, White Post Lane, London E9 (right next to Hackney Wick station)
10pm morning (proper). £5 on the door

The Teknoist  [planet mu/deathchant]
Ed Cox   [life4land - accordian breakcore set]
High Rankin   [molten vinyl - LIVE]
Ronin + Spitting Vitriol [nfa/headfuk - LIVE]
Freddy Frogs   [nfa/frogs]
Galactronix [nfa/nature tektrol nocon]

Edit  [coin operated - LIVE]
Stitch  [headfuk - LIVE]
Dead Silence
DJ Controlled Weirdness  [unearthly]
Hue Jah Fink?   [headfuk]
FZV   [nfa]
Atwar  [nail]

11th April 2006
Having it Hardcore
Dont forget this Friday night 14th April The Leyton Breakers (Controlled Weirdness and Black Mass Plastics) play a back to back DJ set at No Fixed Abode in Camberwell. For this night theyll be digging deep in the vaults to rinse out some classic and obscure hardcore you know the score with plenty of deep bass and dirty breaks.

28th March 2006

The End, Reset Moment and Dead Silence Films, Wednesday 29th March.
Premiere of Dan Hekate short fim "The End" plus a re-edit of Reset Moment with music by Controlled Weirdness.
Also featured premiere of Dead Silence band video for "Suicide Bomber" plus live music / DJ's etc.
134 Shoreditch High Street, E1. 7.30pm to Midnight. Free.

23rd March 2006
My Space Music
Now on My Space Music. Theres two exclusive extracts from unreleased tunes up at the moment.
Click logo below to be taken there.

18th March 2006
Rag & Bone party update
Due to unforseen circumstances Steve Bedlam cant play tonight so you got Controlled Weirdness stepping up to the plate from 11pm - 1am upstairs. You lucky people.

16th March 2006
Rag & Bone party this weekend
Killer bass heavy line up this weekend at Albert Steptoes favourite underground dance club. Pikies get in half price.

16th February 2006
The Leyton Breakers play at No Fixed Abode, Camberwell, Friday 14th April
The Leyton Breakers gonna be playing a back to back DJ set in April at the Red Star in Camberwell. Its a new night for 2006 that kicked off with a wicked first session in January. Well busy and some excellent sets from Black Mass Plastics, Ben Krude, Ronin, Stormfield and FZV. The night was finished off nicely with some dark basslines from Warlock. Top venue, cheap to get in and no twatty security, what more can you want. Click fliers below to be taken to the No Fixed Abode site for more info and theres also an audio section where sets from the night can be downloaded. Two crackers up there already from FZV and Ronin. Theres also info for a party featuring DJ Typhoid, Ronin and FZV and others on March 11th at a secret East London venue, maybe its the E20 in Walford ...


12th February 2006
DJ Controlled Weirdness Top 10 - February 2006
DJ Controlled Weirdness "Destroy The Machine" (Unreleased)
Dirty Needles 002 various "Unnatural Selectors" EP
DJ Controlled Weirdness Burnin Edits/Rockin Edits (Unreleased)
Unearthly 006 DJ Controlled Weirdness "South London Bass EP
Skream "Late Night Request Line (Tempa)
Rag and Bone 11 Black Mass Plastics (Test Press)
Black Night (Coin Operated 001)
Family "Family Rap" (Soul Jazz Reissue)
Wirebug/Hekate (Deadlock 001)
Product 01 vs Laz (Superstonic)

17th January 2006
Website Update
Toys section updated with Soundclash, a flash video game originally produced for the Dead Silence website.
Destroy all the speakers and enter "The Alpha Wave" for a secret bonus breakbeat.

24th December 2005
Dirty Needles 002 Preview MP3's Available
Dirty Needles 002 preview mp3's up on the mighty Rag and Bone Records website.
Click the Labels below to be taken there.

21st December 2005
Dirty Needles 002. "Unnatural Selectors" EP Out Now and in stock.
We now have finished copies of Dirty Needles 002 in stock. 4 tracks of Grime and Bass by the assorted unnatural selectors of The Dexorcist, Black Mass Plastics, Warlock and Controlled Weirdness.
£5 each + postage, check Tunes For Sale section for more info on this and other nasty bassiness.

12th December 2005
Website Update
35 new images up in the Archive section. A selection of old fliers and photos from early to mid nineties parties including Dead by Dawn and German raves. More to come soon.

25th October 2005
Unearthly 006 OUT NOW - DJ Controlled Weirdness "South London Bass" EP
Finally got finished copies of this in stock. Been rinsing this on dubplate for the past year.
For more info with audio previews of all four tracks click on either label below.
To order for £5 + postage check Tunes for Sale section for more info.

4th October 2005
Rag & Bone Party - Remember, Remember The 5th of November
Its been a while so time for another Rag & Bone party to rinse out those Autumn blues with some fierce bass and dirty breaks. Controlled Weirdness gonna drop some old school electro bass and exclusive edit tunes.
Fat lineup all round. Theres gonna be fireworks !!!

Erm ... well metaphorically there is as obviously lighting some bangers and giant catherine wheels in a club would be against health and safety.

For more info click flier:

3rd October 2005
Website Update
Started updating Archive section with some old fliers and info. More to come over next week.

13th September 2005
Plot Thickens Exhibition, London 14th September to 17th September 2005
After succesful shows starting in London then moving to Berlin and Prague, The Plot Thickens Exhibition returns to the capital for the final show at The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern Street, London EC2.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 14th September to Saturday 17th September 2005 and is open to 11pm every day. Wednesday 14th September is the opening night party (free entry) from 7 - 11pm with music from DJ Controlled Weirdness, Black Mass Plastics, Luke Hekate, Ronin(Live) and FZV (Live).

The exhibition features an installation with the first showing of "The Reset Moment", a short film by Gabi Norland featuring a soundtrack by Controlled Weirdness.

10th September 2005
Website Update
Info added to film section in discography page

6th September 2005

Unearthly Website Being Updated

We are currently updating the unearthly website. Sharper look and more content to follow ...

22nd August 2005

New tunes for Summer 2005

Straight out of the dirty streets of South London come these three new releases of dark bass, grimy breaks and slamming electro.